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Line striping is simply traffic paint applied to a parking lot to define traffic flow, parking spaces and much more. Your parking lot experiences wear and tear from the elements, car traffic, and passage of time causing traffic markings to wear and fade.

Line striping is important to the safety of the drivers and pedestrians. Well-defined crosswalks ensure the drivers and pedestrians watch out for each other to reach their destination without incident. The goal being to have a clearly defined visual message for drivers and pedestrians.

Asphalt striping is essentially asphalt raveling in reverse. Instead of the surface coming apart and disintegrating, exposing the lower layers, the lower layers of the asphalt fall apart first and damage the upper layers.

A fundamental element of every successful business property and company brand is a superior parking lot. A well-planned and well-marked parking lot makes a striking first impression, and a well-maintained parking lot says a lot about the company it services.

Most jobs can be completed in a single day. Traffic paint is safe for traffic approximately 1 hour after application. Every project is different and Superior Seal Coating will do our best to minimize the impact of the project on your customers or tenants.

A variety of factors cause traffic paint to wear so every property is different. The simple answer? When it looks like it needs it! A general time frame is every 2-4 years but if you’re not sure contact us and we’ll evaluate your project for no cost.

Beyond the benefits of an excellent appearance, it is the functionality of a parking lot that determines its success. A logical parking lot with plain markings and clear signage contributes to efficient traffic flow and straightforward parking for employees and customers. Reduced property damage and accidents mean decreased liability for owners, and a safe parking experience is beneficial to all.


Wheel stops act as both parking markers and barriers, protecting one vehicle from another in the parking lot while also preventing vehicles from encroaching upon sidewalks or landscaping and coming in contact with buildings.Wheel stops are available in concrete, recycled plastic, or recycled rubber.

From industrial parks to residential developments, airports to churches, and malls to funeral homes, From industrial parks to residential developments, airports to churches, and malls to funeral homes, Vickers Striping has provided Walton County with unparalleled line striping and signage service.

There is an old saying in the field of carpentry that is just as important for line striping, “measure twice, cut once”. This old saying highlights the importance of careful planning before you begin your line striping project.

Traffic control markings, numbers, accessibility stencil painting and other pavement markings. Are you looking for a specialized message or logo? Custom stencil production available. We create the stencil and you keep it for future work.


Custom stencils for specialty pavement markings can be created using the same high-grade marking paint, these stencils can be used to designate specialty areas, traffic guides, handicap markings, and customized pavement markings.