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How Often Should Line Striping Be Done?

When it comes to line striping, regular maintenance is key for ensuring safety benefits. How often the line striping should be done depends on several factors. It’s important to take into account the type of paint used and the amount of traffic in the parking lot. For example, if a higher-quality paint was used that can withstand harsher weather conditions, then line striping may need to be done less frequently. On the other hand, if a parking lot experiences high volumes of traffic or is exposed to harsh weather conditions, more frequent line striping may be necessary.


Another factor to consider when deciding how often to do line striping is the amount of fading that has occurred over time. If there has been significant fading after a couple months since it was last painted, then it would be wise to repaint the lines sooner than later in order to ensure safety benefits are maximized. The good news is that professional painters are able to assess any fading and provide an accurate estimate as to how often line striping should be performed for optimal safety benefits.

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